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Utilize Resources & Data To Drive Your Business To Success!

We ensure that your businesses utilize the existing flow of professionals, resources & data to boost performance, encourage better management systems while effectively offering solutions for successful results!

Best Fit ERP Solutions

We specialize in apps and modules that are dedicated to improving your business processes in the most effective & reliable manner. From HR, eCommerce, Finance, CRM to other essentials, we also offer customized solutions that are a perfect fit for your company. 

Business Intelligence Solution

Business Intelligence Solution by Nexus ERP features elements that are dedicated to elevating the business process which includes elements like POS, eCommerce, Marketing, Project & more. 

E-Commerce with ERP

For creating professional websites to showcase your services and products, Nexus ERP features complete control over the front-end & back-end with elements to personalize your website as you see fit! 

CRM Solution

Get a better understanding of your customer & clients with our CRM solution that offers in-depth insights to help you make better business decisions. You will find real-time reports, analytics based on the customer actions & queries.

HR Solution

Easy management process with our HR solution with elements to help you create job vacancies, control the individual profiles of professionals, complete overview of employee performances, their payrolls, finances, and more.

Marketing Automation

Save your time & effort on marketing your products in an effective way. Easy to implement, automate messages, contents & more that your users will receive in a matter of minutes. Integrated with other apps for effective results. 


Our Manufacturing module holds dedicated operational tools which will be helpful in the planning, execution of the production process, running quality check and sending it out to warehouses or customers. 

Why Nexus Solutions?


Other Solutions for Your business

Other than our highlighted solutions, we also offer customized and user-requirement and business niche-based solutions. Take a closer look at the solutions we offer!

Retail Store POS Management

For easy management of all the retail departments, Nexus ERP POS solution offers a single system to handle all of the transactions, sales, manufactures, invoices, inventory & more. Great for high-end businesses with branches on multiple sites! 

Hospital Management

Handling, monitoring, & managing a hospital made easier! Dedicated elements designed to oversee all the aspects from the patient, medical equipment & medical personnel involved with the institution. Complete control over each data, report, employee performance, individual specialties & patient profiles. 

Property Management

Multiple properties? Rental spaces? Manage them all the easy way, the Nexus ERP way! Complete with elements to list properties, edit details, book, reserve, sell, buy and keep an accurate record of it all while in the process!

Construction Management

A successful construction business has all the elements Nexus ERP offers! Easy service listing, eCommerce, employee management, project management, CRM, sales, contact details, finance & accounting.