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Our team of experts Nexus Gurus, we understand your business requirements are unique, and we offer solutions that fit your needs & requirements.

A complete process from consultation, to customization & implementation!

Nexus ERP Consultation & Implementation

Our dedicated experts at Nexus ERP, are always one step ahead to understand in-depth your requirements as a Enterprise Resource Planning solution. We plan ahead, customize, and present you the ideal module that guarantees you results!

ERP Consulting

From the beginning of the process, we try to thoroughly draw a map of what is required & what is missing from the business process that is holding you back. Outlining these vital elements, we suggest & offer solutions that fit your requirement the best!

ERP Installation & Hosting

Nexus ERP is fully committed to tending to all your necessities, therefore, we offer complete guidance & support throughout the installation process. Step-by-step, we also dedicated our full-time servers to host your websites as necessary taking care of the smaller details saving your time & effort!                

ERP Implementation

After successful consultation, we tailor & customize our ERP modules to ensure all of your business elements are met! Our experts at Nexus ERP offer in-depth, and explanatory training sessions, along with regular support allowing you to resolve any possible issues. 

Data Migration

Already own a live website? Migrating made easy! Our experts are capable of completely moving all of your data to our ERP servers quickly & effortlessly. 

Development & Customization

Nexus ERP is dedicated to maintaining flexibility with the ERP modules we offer. This is why, no matter what business niche you are in, we are always ready to develop & customize the ideal module.

ERP Development and Customization

Once the consultation stage is complete, we custom tailor each app & module to fit your requirement. Whether you need Business Intelligence software, HR, Accounts, or more, we filter the options & design a module that elevates your business production.                                                                                                               

ERP Offshore Development

We specialize in offshore development utilizing & outsourcing the elements we offer and dedicating services to your remote location. Web-development, eCommerce, web-hosting, & more!

Hire Opensource Developer

Nexus ERP understands the need for professionals to take care of official businesses. This is why you can hire us as open-source developers to take care of your business processes. Especially to ensure that our ERP modules function to their level best!                                                                                                     

Third-Party Integration

PayPal, Khalti, eSewa for online transactions! Daraz, Amazon & eBay for eCommerce, and so much more! Easy effective solutions with third-party integration for additional features!

Training & Support

We take care of our users, which means that we are always there to listen & help out!

ERP Online & Offsite Support

Need help setting up? Having issues getting used to the modules? No worries! Our ERP Online & Offsite support is always there to assist you! Submit a ticket, message us, or contact us through call, we offer 24/7 support to ease your issues!

ERP Training

We understand the difficulties to get used to any type of new system. Our experts at Nexus ERP offer an in-depth and explanatory session to begin the implementation process. In addition to this, you will find our detailed documentation & tutorial videos quite helpful!                                                                 

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