The Odoo platform gives excellent support to handle the multiple companies in the ERP system. The same aspect we can see in the Website module. The Website module available in the Odoo platform enables you to create and manage multiple websites in a single database. It can be applied for both in the same and different companies. You can smoothly switch between the company websites with the chance to edit and change the website's information. This facility is a good advantage for the websites that the only company-associated data will only be accessible. The respective company editors only are needed to manage the pages of the company to which they belong.

For navigating one company to another, you can access the company icon available on the top right side of the window, as highlighted in the below image. If you click on this icon, you will depict a drop-down menu to view all the configured companies.

So far, we have been discussing the multi-website option available in the platform and now let us have a deep analysis of the configuration steps of an eCommerce website.

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