Finance & Accounting Apps


Our accounting module consists of in-depth accounting on all the debits, credits, orders of purchase, sales, bills, and every other financial factor. You can synchronize your banks automatically importing all the files within a matter of minutes to set up your banking profile. And the best part is that this specific app is integrated with other finance and accounting tools Nexus ERP  offers its users.


One of the integrations and a single powerful tool Invoicing allows our users to manage contracts, bill timesheets, and create recurring invoices in turn getting your payments in order. This app gives you an overall track of drafts, quotes, details on paid and unpaid invoices and recording each transaction automatically. With Nexus ERP, you can also accept online payments, transact them online and send automated follow-up reminders to outstanding payments. It is also integrated with other accounting and finance tools Nexus ERP offers for a smoother and accurate depiction of analytical datas.


Managing your business expenses has never been this easy. Whether it is your official purchases, employee expenses, travel expenses, or any other form of expenditures, you can enable easy options to create, validate, refuse or approve any expenses right from their devices. This allows your employees or those in charge of the expenditures to save time, create accurate records, and avoid any instance of losing the receipts.