Product and Service-Related Apps


POS or Point of Sale system is a digitalized network that features a complete interface featuring all of the transactions through all the checkout terminals, in one single system. As a business, you might need to enable multiple external hardware and devices as well. Our POS systems combine all of the transactions recorded with these while giving you an accurate analytical summarization of the sales, inventory, profit, cancellations, and returns as well. 


Our Nexus ERP system is also capable of easy website creation from scratch. It works as a simple Drag & Drop web builder that allows you to easily add, remove or personalize the elements on the website. Create any eCommerce, blog, customer portal, event management, and more with minimal effort. It also allows advanced features with multi-websites where you can manage multiple websites and oversee the traffic, events, business strategies, customer base, and everything else in between. 


One of the main aspects a business requires is to have a complete understanding of what the general targeted marketplace is looking for. In order to make effective sales of products or services, this knowledge comes in extremely handy. And our option Survey allows you to exactly do this. Create surveys asking questions and get the right answers directly from your consumers. Get direct feedback, comments, and points you can improve for a better service with the analytical view of your user's opinions. 


Keeping in mind the employee and service provider relationship, we have included the advanced and professional feature to manage and automate subscriptions. For those loyal consumers and patients coming in for services on a regular basis, you can easily enable the option to subscribe. The user-friendly portal offers easy sign-up and one-time login options. You can also enable monthly or annual subscription fee transaction reminders that are automatically sent each month. All of these transactions are fully tracked and recorded for future references and provides accurate data analysis of the revenues as well.


The Nexus ERP product section is an essential integration to all the major management systems as it is the centralized data of all the services, and the products your business offers. It allows a complete overview of the full specifications of each product, their complete profile, information on their availability, their logs on purchase, order, or delivery. You can easily add, edit or remove these listings from the backend effortlessly within a matter of minutes as well. This allows easy browsing and searches experience on both sides, the manufacturer and the consumer


Improve and enhance the process of keeping track of the business purchase and expenses with our Nexus ERP purchase the app. Easy to access, it allows the users to automate your business purchase workflow and make smart decisions by regulating the procurement rules depending on your requirements. It is also possible to launch purchase tenders with specific sellers with negotiated prices for the time period using the integrated function Blanket Order Agreement. With complete analytical statistics on each of your purchases compared monthly or yearly, improve the profit and revenue rate.


Our Sales app implemented along with the Retail Store Management module is another excellent essential tool. Keep track of all your sales orders, inventory, quotations, and overall all of the business transactions effortlessly. You can add in all the details regarding the transactions from the amount, the customer or the POS, delivery details, dates, and more. This keeps an exact depiction of each transaction to ensure a secure and accurate record-keeping and calculation.


Our advanced and user-friendly inventory system allows the users to effectively keep a log of everything that goes and comes out of your business as a transaction or as a service. You can record each receipt, delivery orders, POS orders, and more with full details of the numbers in the process, completed, and receive.