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Nexus's Manufacturing Management Apps support your manufacturing processes and supply chain and increase your company’s overall efficiency. They fully integrate with all other Odoo Apps, allowing you to manage all your product data in one system. Automate your procurement's using made-to-order rules, minimum stock rules or the master production schedule and optimize your inventory levels!

Automate your Machinery.

Maintain Equipment Effectiveness

Global industrial automation, when machinery is set to control and handle more and more production processes, a high equipment effectiveness is critical for the factory to uphold. However, many manufacturers noticeably struggle to collect complete equipment data across their increasingly complex infrastructures and then contextualize these insights for accurate OEE estimation or timely maintenance actions. 

With Odoo Maintenance, the monitoring of equipment effectiveness becomes an ongoing underlying process that requires minimal handwork. Creating a work order, managers can set the expected duration that would be a threshold value for good equipment performance. In their turn, the workers responsible for the work order or overseeing its completion can log real duration and all equipment issues that occurred. 

Track Quality in Production

Ensure Consistent Product Quality.

Despite the high priority of quality management, 71% of companies surveyed for the 2021 Quality Management Trends Report still use the combination of spreadsheets, shared drive, emails, and text documents for these activities, losing potentially critical insights in silos and back-and-forth communication. But with Odoo, setting up a unified and transparent QMS has never been easier. 

The Odoo Quality application offers a user-friendly interface for employees to report quality defects from the production floor or a warehouse. The quality alert then appears in the Overview dashboard for a dedicated team to confirm, explore the root causes, and suggest corrective and preventive actions.

Expedite product change management 

Product Life Cycle (PLM) Management

Unfortunately, at manufacturing enterprises, engineering change initiatives tend to drag out because so many stakeholders need to be involved in the discussion. But relying on the Odoo PLM tool, manufacturers can establish constructive communication between multiple departments and streamline product change approvals.  

Plan a Delay Free Production

Master Production Schedule

This is a unique production forecasting mechanism found in the Manufacturing module. For each manufacturing component, it allows managers to set a safety stock target and demand estimation. When a factory gets a manufacturing order involving materials or components, the actual demand gets automatically entered.

Based on the updated numbers, ERP will compute inventory replenishment quantity and, once operators press the Replenish button, create a request for quotation. Thus, Master Production Schedule helps companies to accurately estimate demand, adjust their stock replenishment on the fly, and plan a delay-free production.  

Maintenance Processes Made Easy

Complete maintenance management

The dedicated maintenance module helps you run the maintenance operations on the production equipment as well as the devices which are being used in the company operations

Well defined Inventory Management


Manage your raw materials and then manage the product movement for the manufacturing process. Moreover, manage the storage of the finished products in the definite location of the warehouses

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