Human Resource Management

Nexus ERP services offer centralized human resource management that oversees all of the important details of each department for an easy and unified evaluation process. It is an all-in-one system that pretty much handles all of the HR elements in one single system with minimal effort. 


With Nexus ERP you can take a closer look at all the information of each employee tracking each of their records from attendance and timesheets. Integrated with other Nexus ERP tools, you can also access their contact details, an in-depth view of their ongoing projects, timesheets and also expense and payroll evaluation.


HR is responsible for all of the job listing, vacancy, and recruitment process and we understand that to be a vital part of the business. Our Nexus ERP recruitment option makes the whole process so much easier. With Recruitment, you can set up the job board, promote each of the positions to be filled, keep track of the applications and applicants, and build a complete and detailed profile of each individual. You also get the access to track each of the jobs offers you post and analyze which channels offer more exposure. With recruitment, you can also streamline the overall process of hiring and customize each step as preferred and required. Fully integrated with other Nexus ERP apps, you can pretty much manage the whole recruitment process in the most efficient manner.

Time off

Each of the business establishments varies with their policies, paid and unpaid vacation days, and rules related to time-off. With Nexus ERP Time off application, you can easily keep track of the vacations and leaves each of your employees have applied for, are taking, or have taken within the month, week of the year. The employees can directly enter their request for leave with the specified date, time, and reason from their managers through the app where the authority party can approve or disapprove. The leader or the manager responsible for the team will be able to view the complete view of the leave requests while managing the overall work-flow of the team in the instance of anyone’s absence. This allows an easy and well-organized work schedule, and task distribution among the employees.


For easy task management, planning, and assessment of the projects ongoing, the Project app allows all the users to multi-task according to the relevancy and importance. Increasing the productivity and work-flow, allows you to add the details of your projects effortlessly. You can add in the details of the project including the planned hours, dedicated department, time-spent, add sub-tasks that fall under the project, and create a sheet plan for the upcoming days. This allows an easy view of all the employees for the manager or the department head to oversee and manage the task distribution accordingly. 


Managing all of your employees and their tasks while managing overseeing all of the ongoing projects going on has never been this easy before. With Nexus ERP TimeSheet or Task log, employees can easily update their tasks, projects they are working on, time spent, and the log of the tasks completed or planned on. For professionals looking to keep track of each minute, they spend working, this allows easy task tracking options. Fast and easy, the interface is so user-friendly that task management and planning is always a piece of cake. 


For a motivational and growth process, timely evaluations of your employee’s performance and offering appraisals accordingly is a must. This encourages a loyal employee base with motivated and boosted professional performance. For an in-depth performance assessment of all the employees, it allows a complete calendar view, easy follow up, easy survey option to enable self and superior evaluation. You can pretty much start from the existing templates or design your own as you prefer.


This is another great element in our HR tools that allows your employees to share any vacant positions to their own connections and refer their friends. The users will be able to see all of the details of the current vacancies, the employee benefits, requirements, contact details, and more directly from the system itself. This page can be customized according to your requirements and can be easily accessible through the refer app in the dashboard.


With Nexus ERP Fleet, your business establishments will not require any external third-party integration to keep track of your company vehicles. With a simple process, you can keep a close eye on each of the transportation available. It allows the users to log fuel costs, repair costs, logs and entries of the lease, and a full in-depth analysis and report of each transport. All of these are also accessible through the accounting options as it is integrated with all of the Nexus ERP apps seamlessly. 


Nexus ERP Payroll app is integrated seamlessly with other apps for an efficient and accurate reporting and data implementation of each employee pay sheets. Annually or monthly, this option allows you to access complete information regarding the payrolls of each employee. You can also access the pay cut and rise, contract renewals, and keep track of the records accordingly. Easy to implement and user-friendly with the interface, Payroll seamlessly upgrades your financial processes for minimal effort and time spent on it.


Dealing with complaints, questions, and queries the digital way! Maintain the flow of messages towards the right channel and concerned parties with our Helpdesk. Advanced and fast, Nexus ERP Helpdesk offers a multi-channel to get in touch with your users and find solutions. You can enable email, set-up website forms, or live chats that allows a steady communication flow until the issue is resolved. 

The systematic process involves the submission of tickets, with options to choose the relevancy and urgency level for efficient problem-solving. You can also enable the self-service platforms with FAQs, or add informative content on a ticket. Optimized for complete team productivity, Nexus ERP helpdesk allows you to invite experts in a live chat, escalate certain tickets to the manager, define automated messages or actions according to the issues mentioned by the users.


Any business transactions, actions, referrals, proposals need approval before being implemented by the concerned parties. For the effective flow of messages, Nexus ERP Approvals allows easy submission of applications to the department head or the related party for approval. Here, no matter what you are applying for, you can access the modules, fill in the details and send for approval. Once reviewed and approved, you will find each record that you can later access when required. You can also access the requests that were denied or are still under review under the Approvals section.


Keeping track of all of the employees and their attendance is definitely one of the major tasks to be taken care of. This factor impacts the overall performance, vacations and leaves left, and also the payroll for each month. This is why Nexus ERP Attendance allows easy tracking and statistical report of the working days attended by each employee. Integrated with all other Nexus ERP apps, you can automatically view or post reports based on the timesheets, attendance, projects while overseeing each employee offering real-time analysis.


If and when your employees decide to leave your establishments, we make the process extremely effortless. Through the Resignation option, your users or employers can submit their resignation applications for approval. You can access the information, contracts, payrolls, and overall performance reports while going through the resignation all through a single dashboard. 

Calendar/ Meetings

Schedule events, meetings, and plan your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules through the calendar app on our Nexus ERP system. You can also integrate Google Calendar and sync your data and manage your schedules. It is pretty user-friendly and also includes an overview of you and your employee calendars for easy planning and implementation. Create an event, add the details including the time and the venue, add participants and successfully implement those events efficiently.


For all major corporate and professional notices and announcements, Nexus ERP also offers the app Announcements. This allows you to create, draft, schedule, and post announcements throughout all of the staff and employees with ease. You can easily choose the targeted groups and send out the message in a matter of minutes. Manage your flow of message, share informational notices and make announcements now the easiest way through Nexus ERP announcements.


For those professional establishments that offer their employees the benefit of lunch and that too with varieties, the Lunch app is a great tool. Users can set up the menu for the week, month or change it on a daily for the employees to see. You can enable the option for the users to choose their meal for the day and place an order. Maintaining the easy process of ordering and delivering the lunch accordingly, comes in pretty handy.