Hospital Management

For a successful ERP system implementation, we always streamline the essentials that each of the business niches requires. Our HMS ERP system is a customized list of apps and tools that are necessary and required for the smooth running flow of any established hospital and medical institution.


For any hospital or medical institution, the first priority is definitely the patient, in and outpatient. But keeping track of every patient that comes in and goes out is pretty much a hectic task. But with our Nexus ERP patient app, everything is now a piece of cake. Save, record, and track each detail of all the in-patient and out-patient departments with ease. Manage the bookings, appointments, set barcodes dedicated to the individual, keep records of all the tests and results, all with just a few clicks. A complete solution to help you manage all of the patient-related details in one single and simple to use dashboard!

Pediatric/ Gynecology/ Ophthalmology

The services differ from department to department, our system offers full management and overview of all the niche of services your institution offers. Enable easy records of patients, their details, age, illness, scheduled appointments, and more with ease. Categorize the patients and their needs to the concerned specialists or the departments, organize the day-to-day schedules and appoint the medical staff accordingly.


Manage not only the patients but also the appointed staff with extreme ease. Create profiles of individual physicians representing the medical team at your institutions and the departments. You can add in the details, contact information, doctor ID, available hours, and more for the users to access easily.


When it comes to patient records, Nexus ERP system also supports the option to create individual patient vaccination records. You can manage each of the records, edit and add details as you go. The user can also add in scheduled vaccination dates for easy reminders ahead of your appointment.

OT Booking

Check on the availability of surgeons, OT theatres, schedule, and plan the details of the surgeries in the most organized and professional manner. Add in the date, time, surgery details, venue, duration and overall hospitalization details, patient profile, and the doctor in charge. These records are uploaded to the database of the hospital and you can access them when required.


For those patients who have ongoing medical or health insurance, the app Insurance is dedicated to tracking the process, keeping a record of the policy, policy number, insurance companies involved and checking its validity. A professionally organized dashboard of all the insurance policies of the patients, allows easy management, billing, invoicing, and record-keeping.


Managing patients means taking care of each and every aspect of them including their treatments and in-patient progress reports. With the tool Treatments in our HMS, you can keep track of all the doctor’s instructions, ongoing treatment, SOS options, and more. You can create an individual profile for each patient and their treatment procedures with accurate tracking and records.


Appoint, schedule, and organize all of the bookings and appointments of all the patients and doctors with minimal effort with our Appointment App. A simple, easy-to-use element that you can integrate with your Google Calendar for easy sync. Create and add the details to each of the appointments, confirm their booking or reschedule with minimal effort.


Keeping records is such a breeze with our Nexus ERP apps, and with our prescription tool, you can even manage, add, remove or edit the prescription details in an organized manner. You can access all of the saved records at any time for future reference in a single dashboard. Easy to customize, add and remove each profile, this is also integrated with the other Nexus ERP apps for easy management.


You can completely personalize your website to your preference and that is the case with the Services section as well. With Nexus ERP services, you can add all of the detailed orientation and complete information regarding the services you offer. Your users can access all the information you wish to showcase including the availability, charge of the service, appointed specialist, time, and the venues. You can also enable direct transactions from the website itself for ease of access to your users. Helping you manage all the aspects of a hospital, this too is integrated with all the Nexus ERP apps.


We understand the importance of a patient's history of health, mostly to get a complete insight into their current and past health status, complications, and things to avoid. This is why our Surgery app allows your patient to upload each detail regarding their previous surgeries. You can further add the medical details from their previous reports regarding any allergens, medications used, and existing health issues. This allows an easy assessment of the patient profile in order to take action, schedule surgeries, and appoint specialists according to their requirements.


Keeping up with all of the patients is a hefty task, let alone just the in-house patients. Helping you out with our advanced system, our Nexus ERP hospitalization allows you an easy way to record, keep track and manage the details of all the hospitalized patients. Each individual profile of the patients includes the details of their cause of hospitalization, days staying, discharge as doctor’s orders, medications used and more. Integrated with all the other HMS Nexus ERP apps, you can preview the full hospital details of a patient effortlessly.


Along with the OT, OPT, and other departments, hospitals are also required to offer services like various laboratory tests. This is where our Laboratory app comes into play. Here, you can manage the complete laboratory requests, approvals, lab tests done, records of lab tests, and lab requests for the hospital.


For those patients who require physiotherapy and are seeking services from you, our Physiotherapy app allows you to manage each and every aspect of it. Enable subscriptions for your users to subscribe to, while seamlessly integrating all of the details to other Nexus ERP apps. Keep in record all the therapy sessions, progress, remaining sessions, along with the patient profile.


Running any medical institution, you will be required to keep track of all the pharmaceuticals, medical representatives, and have a knowledge of drugs and equipment. Helping you manage all of these petty details, we have the advanced MR app integrated within the HMS. Keep up with all the major medical assets, medical acquaintances, and more with a smart and advanced interface. 

Waiting Screen

Manage each appointment, bookings, patient waitlist, in an organized and efficient manner with our Waiting Screen. Integrated with Schedule, Appointments, and other Nexus ERP apps, easily manage each scheduled meeting, screening with the patients, and appoint patients as their patient number. This allows smooth running of the patient queue without being overwhelmed while they wait for their doctor or specialist appointment. 

Along with the above apps, other core apps are also available.