Consumer-Related Apps


CRM by Nexus ERP is an advanced tool that gives an insight into systemic and coherent lead generation and tracking with real-time reports from the campaigns, social platforms, and websites. Easily stay connected with your consumers by enabling real-time messaging. Keep things organized while scheduling activities based on your calls, meetings, mailings, and quotes with your colleagues and departments. Get full comparisons of previous and ongoing projects and the leads generated through each campaign and implemented plans.  


As with any business, we understand your need to record and save all of the contact details that you come onto business transactions with. Not only this, but the employees that work for you are also an integral part of your enterprise. This is why we have implemented the Contact system to help you save all the necessary details in an efficient manner. This way, you can easily access each of those details with minimal hassle and effort while keeping your personal and professional life separate. 


For any business, the digital or online site is a must and this is exactly what our eCommerce option offers you. Easy access to create an online site to promote and sell your services, with tour and travel packages, tickets, and more. With suggestive options to attract more sales with engaging content inside, our eCommerce service is sure to boost your revenues.