Construction Management Solution

Fundamental components in our project planning and controlling.

Specially designed ERP construction management software for builders. contractors industry.

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Construction Purchase Management

Handle Construction Purchase Easily

Allow to compare multiple material quotations and approves material rates for specific vendors.

User can create purchase order by selecting approved requisitions, validations to avoid order more material than specified in the requisition

Creates vendor bills along with information of project, WBS, subproject.

Construction Contracting.

Construction Contracting and Reports.

User can define budget category wise, so while confirming work order it does not allow excess amount more than the budget allocated.

User can create Work order by selecting approved labor requisitions, validations to avoid ordering more labors than specified in the requisition and payment schedule

Allow creating running account bill ie.RA bill if there are task completions by considering debit, credit, advance transactions, and recovery of same

Construction Project Planning and Gantt Chart

Construction Project Planning and Gantt Chart

Features Of Gantt:

Every element is editable from the Gantt chart

Zooming is possible

Manage task status

Manage dependencies

Full undo-redo support

Supports N-levels

Construction Contracting Transactions

Construction Contracting Transactions

It allows user to do the transaction in ERP related with Advance/Debit/Credit for specific work order, depending on transaction type, the sequence in the header will get change

Advance/ Debit recovery

Credit recovery

Retention release - Retention kept in work order can be released here.

Advance, credit, debit recovery can be done in RA bill which user can see as balanced recovery, total amount of transaction etc

Construction Tender Management

Construction Tender Management

Tender management allows users to create tenders, tender inquiries, eligible criteria for bidders, bidder rating, tender estimation and computes top bidder from their rating.

Bidder can create inquiry against tender, also provided technical, financial and eligible criteria related questions and rating.

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