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An in-depth dive into organizational data analytics that encourages you to make changes, take risk-free decisions & stay resilient while staying up to date with the marketplace trends. 

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Statistics about your data

Accurate Infographics To Stay On Top Of Everything!

Detailed, in-depth, and accurate data analysis and infographics to showcase them accurately. Create an unlimited database, get the numbers, compare results, & keep track of all the revenues, losses, profits, and sales. Now, the easy way!

Bar Chart
Pie Chart
Line Chart

The information you need the way you need it

Customized Filter For Advanced Search 

Each of your transactions is neatly categorized & organized so your database is easy to record, understand, and access whenever necessary.

And the custom filter option allows users to easily filter the data they are looking for and get accurate analysis! 

The information you need the way you need it

Officiate & Report the right way!

With Nexus ERP, collecting data, officiating documents while creating individual records is a breeze. Easy to access whenever you require, with minimal effort, & resource.  


Fully integrated the following Nexus ERP apps



In-depth accounting on all the debits, credits, order of purchase, sales, bills, and every other financial factor. Synchronize your banks automatically importing all the files.



Easy access to bill timesheets, to create recurring invoices in turn getting your payments in order. Complete track of drafts, quotes, details on paid and unpaid invoices and recording.



Create, validate, refuse or approve any expenses official purchases, employee expenses, travel expenses, or any other form of expenditures right from their devices.



Officiate, create, share and send any achieved scanned documents throughout the integrated system. Easy online processing of documents, seamless integration with your projects. 



With secure identification, communications and documents encrypted to sign and officiate contracts and documents digitally.                                                                                                     



For easy task management, planning and assessment of the projects ongoing, allow all the users to multi-task according to the relevancy and importance.                                                                     

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