Sagar Group shines with Nexus ERP
Successful Implementation and Operation of ERP Solutions in the company

Case Overview

Company: Sagar Group

Location: Kalanki, Kathmandu

Industry: Distributor, eCommerce, Retail

Company Size: 100+ Employees

Business Challenges

As a complete up and running Business, SAGAR Group approached Nexus ERP to find solutions to their existing issues. What they lacked in their current business process was a single system capable of handling multiple solutions. This software designed for a specific purpose was ideal for a single purpose and the business required multiple of this software for all functions to run smoothly. Another issue was the use of HR software which lacked several important elements like salary and recruitment management. 

The software they were using was also not user-friendly and featured a slow loading and performing time. These tools also missed out on third-party integrations with other useful plugins, and payment options like eSewa, Khalti, or PayPal. The reporting process was also not up to par and missed out on dynamic reporting while entering the data into the system was also a hassle. 


The first and foremost solution was the integration of all business processes in a single system as Nexus ERP, which resolved the issue of using multiple software. Implemented services include complete control over the management of employees, projects, HR, sales, finance, and accounting. 

In addition to this, the Web-Based Software offered the solution to the remote login. Overall, implementing this complete process was also easy on both ends. The Dashboard is especially user-friendly so the users had no issues getting started.

Apps Used And Implementation Process

As per the major requirements, we customized & developed Nexus ERP specially designed to suit SAGAR Group. Each of the modules we offered was based on the valid issues with the current software they were using. 

First & foremost, we integrated the HR module as required by any major companies with hundreds of employees & personnel working for them. This enabled the users to manage and simplify the process of not only hiring but also control and monitor their performances, timesheets, tasks, appraisals, attendance, payrolls, contracts, and more.

Leave Management

Timesheet Management

Next, we also implemented the accounting & finance module that accurately kept track, monitored, & processed the department of finance as a whole. This made it easier to report, analyze, record, and access accurate data based on the sales, purchase, revenue, payrolls, & profits of the organization. 


Another module is Project Management that offers an easy flow of messages and task management tools to boost performance. This includes an overview of projects, tasks, timesheets, ongoing and completed tasks, planning, calendars, and more.  

As a part of any business, Business Intelligence is a vital element, so that is what we implemented next. With the implementation of this module, they will be capable of making smart business decisions based on the data warehouses, accurate analytics, integrated strategies, and overview of the business processes as a whole. 

Another major element of a business on this scale is the ability to oversee its business processes throughout all the branches. This is where Nexus POS solutions come into play, giving complete control & access over all the sales, transactions, purchases, inventory, and more effortlessly. 

To understand and oversee the business decisions based on your customer actions, engagement, and to keep communications with your users intact, we also implemented a CRM module. This enabled them to automate marketing strategies, effectively communicate through emails, live chats, record details and analyze the outcomes.

Apart from this we also integrated the apps dedicated to manufacturing, eCommerce, lunch, surveys, and e-learning.

Result And Analysis

After the implementation, the processes recorded a significant boost and improvement in the performances of the company. In detail, here is a quick analysis of what points played a major role. 

The users got better Inventory tracking with quick and correct information about inventory and produced goods. The very complex form of sale orders of the countrywide e-document system will be filled by automated script without taking the time of salespersons.

Stock, purchase, manufacturing, and sales department can coordinate their plans using all information from one database. Manufacturing Engineers will get work orders from sales instead of inspecting and deciding what to produce by itself. So the decision will be based on customers' requests. 

Accountants will have information about all financial information from sales, purchase, and inventory valuation. And will be able to get information or print reports without disturbing other departments. 


Third-Party Integrations for additional features and payment gateways are also enabled. Integrations with platforms like eSewa, PayPal, and Khalti for online transactions were made easier! 

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